JIOSS - 2014 Support Letter
JIOSS - 2014 Support Letter

Informa (formerly known as IIR Middle East) along with the Natural Resources Authority of Jordan and the Oil Shale Companies operating in Jordan would like to thank everyone who attended the 2nd Biennial Jordan International Oil Shale Symposium (JIOSS) which took place on 14 - 15 April 2014 in the Dead Sea. This year we welcomed over 325 senior level delegates from the industry, proving that JIOSS is the LARGEST and ONLY oil shale conference in the Middle East

Key facts from JIOSS 2014:

Who attended:

With over 325 representatives from across the globe, we were pleased to welcome the Ministries of Energy, Water and Irrigation from Jordan as well all the companies who are currently operating in Jordan :

Jordan Oil Shale Company (JOSCO)/Shell
Jordan Oil Shale Energy (JOSE)/ENEFIT
National Oil and Electricity Production from Oil Shale Company (JOSECO)
Whitehorn Resources
Colorado School of Mines
World Energy Council
Aqaba Petroleum for Oil Shale
Al Qamer
Red leaf
Steiger Engineering
NEPCO and other Governmental Authorities
Local Banks
Local Universities
Evercore Consultancies
Trowers and Hamlins
Procom consultants

Key Discussions included:

  • Latest developments from some of the largest oil shale projects, such as ENEFIT's 540 MW green field oil shale fired power project in Attarat Um Ghudran, and JOSCOs Upper Cretaceous Oil Shale strata assessment.
  • His H.E Minister of Energy Dr Mohammad Mousa Hamed, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources outlined incentives for further cooperation and support between government authorities and oil shale companies working in Jordan.
  • Regional and international banks, from the Association of Bank in Jordan and the Jordan Kuwait bank, discussed various financing options for oil shale projects and incentives for long term foreign investments.
  • The worlds most advanced and innovative oil shale technologies were apresented to the audience. Technology sessions included VKG's state-of -the-art Petroter technology, to the latest improvements in the UTT's-3000 installation and Shell's proprietary In-situ Conversion process.
  • Key findings from EIA's assessment study highlighted, that if done correctly, oil shale projects would have minimal environmental impact in Jordan.

We would also like to thank our sponsors, chairmen, speakers and delegates for their dedication and commitment to the Jordan International Oil Shale Symposium. We hope that we can continue working with the industry in developing the symposium to incorporate a larger overview of the latest oil shale developments in Jordan and also of the projects globally- as well as to continue gathering representatives from across the oil shale value chain and overseeing the growth and commercial production of oil shale in Jordan.

What some of the attendees has to say about JIOSS 2014:

"This is a very important event for the future of Jordan, oil shale will improve the social and economic environment for the country "

Khaled Abed Al Raheem
Operation and Maintenance Engineer, Rum Industrial Gases Co.

"An interesting event with a diversity of topics and delegates"

Yotta Pantoula – Bulmer
Osama Sukkari & Associates

"Good opportunity for oil shale community, it was successful in terms of gathering the relevant players and key topics were discussed "

Jamal Alai
Managing Director, Aqaba Petrol for Oil Shale

"Very good event, wonderful to have so many interested people in one place"

Alex Bocock
Investor Relations, Red Leaf Resources

"Successful event on all levels "

Nasir Issa Al-Ismaily
Burhan Alhilu, Consultant, Baggi